Tuesday, May 12, 2015


CRIME TV SHOWs WHICH ARE WORTH COLLECTING, but I won’t...because I saw them and now know the ending
  • Boston Legal-comedy/lawyers & courts
  • Boston Public..drama. I saw this in India years and years ago. I liked it a lot then but could not believe that schools in America were like this! In India then, I was terrified at the thought of even teaching in an American school!
  • Columbo-crime-I liked it then; not sure if I will like it now! Now I may find Colombo's mannerisms annoying and maybe I may find the show a bit slow.
  • Desperate housewives-good in bits-I did not see this fully; it's supposed to be a comedy but I dint find as much comedy as I think a comedy should have . So is it crime but again it doesn't have as much crime as a crime serial should have. This show will not make sense if you don't see it in order
  • Harry's law-I loved this show.
  • Homeland-crime-I would not miss this-fast paced/excellent acting/ great characters/realistic plot/highly intelligent. You have to see it in order, and not randomly.
  • House of cards-crime-dont miss this highly intelligent show: has to be seen in order; not randomly.
  • House of lies-comedy/sick ethics but entertaining. I would not miss this. you have to see this in order and not randomly;
  • Justified-crime-excellent, though violent. would not miss this show. Have to see in sequence and not randomly
  • Live another day-crime-fastpaced/I would not miss this show(sequel to 24, another unmissable show) Have to see in order and not randomly
  • Major crimes-crime-female protoganist
  • Midsomer murders..BBC crime show. I loved the chief inspector Barnaby, his deputy, his family. ( I liked the first Barnaby a wee bit more than the second one). I enjoyed the music, the scenery, the lovely houses and cottages in the British villages, I enjoyed the family of the chief inspector..it was so pleasant and enjoyable this show!
  • Monk-crime/comedy. Once upon a time, I was hooked to this show, but now I wonder if I have the patience to put up with Monk.
  • Primeval -science fiction/great show/saw all episodes/this show’s different from all the shows I  have seen. I am not into science fiction TV or books but I loved this one.
  • Psych-comedy/crime-enjoyed this show(shot in Vancouver)
  • Republic of Doyle-Crime/comedy/Canadian. I love this show and seen it fully. should buy this series for my Indian friends(it is pro-women and I like the people, relationships, scenery, etc)
  • Suits:comedy/crime/drama: Fast-paced and enjoyable. Have to see sequentially or some parts don't make sense
  • The Borgias-excellent/but saw only one season/BBC. see in sequence
  • The closer-crime/comedic...LOVED this intelligent show and the protagonist and would not miss this show. Each episode can be seen by itself . However, there's more impact if  it's seen sequentially. Because, you can see  the evolving trust and bonding between the boss and staff...especially the first season.
  • The good wife-crime/court/great plot/prowomen/I loved Eli, Kalinda and Cary! There's a lot one can learn from this show, especially those who have not had the opportunity to interact with a lot of people in real life and ergo, lack skills to judge people, interact with a range of people, be assertive and so on.
  • The honorable woman-crime-BBC/Israel/Palestine..I would not miss this show/slow but great. Has to be seen in sequence.
  • The mentalist-interesting protaganist, annoying lady police officer
  • The playboy club-I loved this but it shut down
  • The practice-great show
  • The Rockford files: I loved the protoganist of this show. Unlike other PIs who are dashing and strong, he’s an old gentleman, and such a gentle sweetheart!
  • The wire-crime/I would not miss this/the best TV show I have seen/but emotionally draining. I don't have what it takes to see it again(and I spent 300$ buying the entire series!). Has to be seen in sequence.
  • True detective-crime-slow pace but unusual and I would not miss it. This show will not make complete sense if the episodes are seen in random order or if you don't watch it till the end.  I liked the first season but not the second. My husband liked the second season but I simply dint enjoy it. There is no humour; I hated the music; I disliked the grimness of it
  • Twentyfour_I would not miss this show/my heart was pounding while watching this! My husband and I became so hooked to this, we would watch it for 5 hours at a time! Watching this was like a drug addiction ! This has to be seen in sequence.
  • Twin peaks-weird but interesting and different from what I have seen. This has to be seen fully and in sequence.
  • White collar-crime-unmissable & fast paced. Saw the entire series.
Looking at this list, I see that I have spent a few thousand hours watching TV but the list of unmissable shows is so small! I have seen a great many shows which I enjoyed at the time but I would not deem them worthy of this list. Some of them include the Law and Order series, the NCIS series, The CSI series, etc.

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