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Government Porcelain Factory, Malleshwaram

This above is a beautiful Porcelain Shiva my parents bought in Malleshwaram for I think ten rupees or two rupees around 1964.(there was a white u-shape line emerging from his head i.e. Ganga water flowing...broken and missing from this figurine)
My 80 year old neighbour explained to me that this was manufactured in the Government Porcelain Factory started in 1932 and this factory no longer exists. He told that the main aim of the factory was to produce what was needed for electricity(High voltage insulator factory) and the rest of the stuff manufactured such as this Shiva was only secondary!

I have not seen such lovely figurines of Shiva again. I hope someone collects the photos of the products manufactured in Bangalore by this factory and puts them online. My neighbour has a  Shiva of similar colouring but bigger and a bit different.
This other Shiva's photos are here below.

We had a small Ganesha with gold paint on it, a few animal figurines such as cow, calf and dog but they are no longer around. I wonder if those  too were manufactured in this same factory?

Based on the article, 'Rediscovering history:the saga of Sankey tank' by Harini Nagendra Hita Unnikrishnan, it appears that the clay used to make this Shiva may have come from the banks of Sankey tank, close to the Porcelain factory!
 Dewan Sir Mirza Ismail was instrumental to setting up this Porcelain factory.(source blog Sutta Mutta's articl ,'The many Dewans, dated Dec 2012

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The second in the series of articles on Bangalore’s growth tells us how the sleepy town was transformed into an industrial hub.

Arun Patre, 03 Feb 2009 , Citizen Matters - See more at:

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