Saturday, June 18, 2016

Nandeeshwara Teertha Temple, Malleshwaram

I lived in Malleshwaram in Bangalore as a child in the early 70s. I visited the Kadumalleshwara temple regularly. At the time, at the bottom of the many steps of the temple, there was a garden sort of space growing plantains. I remember too the oxen going round and round, to crush lime to make mortar for building construction, opposite the plantain garden and near the Nagara Katte and Peepul trees near the Kadumalleshwara temple and 2 other temples.
Years later in 1995, a Kalyani and an ancient temple of stone pillars with a Nandi and a Linga inside was discovered buried under the soils of the banana garden!  This newly discovered temple & Kalyani  is amazing in that  there is a continuous flow of water from the Nandi's mouth which falls on to the  Linga! No one knows the origin of this water. ( I am sure scientists can trace the origin of the water but then the mysticism of the water flow would be lost!) The water flows into a Kalyani with stone steps and this too was buried under the soil!

Here are a few photos I took when I visited this temple in May 2016.

Bangalore needs more such miracles...The politicians are killing Bangalore by burying all the water tanks in landfill and selling the land to developers who build buildings. This is resulting in a drastic fall in ground water level in Bangalore and a host of other ecological disasters. If more such Kalyanis are found, the people will fight to save them  as religion always wins in India!
More such Kalyani discoveries means, more space for ground water to be restored, more storage space for rainwater and so on.

 Observe the photo above. This entire thing was buried under soil! I simply cannot understand how the entire thing of more than 25 feet in height got buried and more importantly forgotten by the people! Surely people lived around here continually and passed on the information from one generation to next about the existence of this Kalyani. There must have been documents too.

( I have read of the documents detailing the amount of gold and precious stones given by Krishnadevaraya to the Tirumala temple. This proves that people in India did document things) I simply cannot fathom how such a structure can be buried and it's very existence completely forgotten...

Above is the water flowing out of the Nandi's mouth.

The Nandi above is newly installed.
Above you can see the water from the Nandi's mouth flowing down into the brass container and then on to the black stone Linga. The source of the water is the earth and according to wikipedia, this may be the origin of the Vrishabhavati river. Imagine a river in Bangalore! This is the most thrilling news for people who love Bangalore. This river in olden days flowed and reached Kanakapura, outside Bangalore. 
Imagine if, the corrupt asshole politicians of Karnataka came to their senses, did something to revive this river and let it flow as it did in the ancient days...imagine if they recovered a path for the river to flow and reach the Arkavathy river...if the flow is overground, unpolluted and  a path's created by it's side for people to walk on. Imagine if all the water tanks of Bangalore were recovered and became tanks again? The earth under Bangalore would be replenished with water and Bangalore would become green and beautiful again. Bangalore would join the ranks of great cities of today who have rivers flowing in them like London &  Paris. 

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