Sunday, June 19, 2016

Someshwara temple of Ulsoor, Bangalore: sculptures and reliefs

Someshwara temple in Ulsoor is probably the oldest and the temple with the most antique carvings in Bangalore. I am embarrassed that as a Bangalorean born and bred, I have not visited it in my three plus decades in Bangalore!
I visited it in May 2016 and here are a few/several photos of the relief works on the walls. It is worth a visit. I loved the ambiance of the temple...I really felt something spiritual when I was inside and I loved the Lingada hoovu tree with it's abundance of fragrant and lovely flowers. Photography is not forbidden. The priests were kind. My unguarded slippers left outside for hours were still there when I left the temple! This part of Bangalore continues to have the old world charm... mostly due to the people of Ulsoor...I felt at home with the people here. I cant describe it any better than this!

Above is one side of the Kamba outside the temple

Above is one side of the kamba outside the temple
Above is one side of the kamba outside the temple

This reminded me of the temples at Belur, Halebedu and Hampe
Why did they put this modern checks tiles which clashes with this lovely ancient stone temple?

Yoga Narashima on the wall

This above is a favorite of mine! It reminds me of centaurs of Greek mythology. Checking on the internet I discovered that it may be a Kinnara

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