Friday, June 24, 2016

Lingada hoovu in Bangalore

For  some reason, I adore this flower! I ask myself why I  like this flower so much? Is it it's rarity? Because it's associated with Shiva ?Because of it's unusual shape... shaped like a Linga with a snake's hood spread over it? It's lovely fragrance? It's fleshy petals?  Because it grows in a huge tree...unlike other flowers which mostly are from plants? Because of the unusual and  huge cannon ball fruit which are also borne by this tree? 
 Each time I see this tree I end up taking photos. I tell myself, 'No more photos!I have many photos of this same flower taking up precious memory in the laptop'.... but I simply can't resist photographing these flowers and the tree!
I have seen this tree in 3 places in Bangalore: near Chitra Kala Parishad/Gandhi Bhavan (2) in the premises of Someshwara temple in Ulsoor (3)Forgot the 3rd!

Below is the Lingada hoovu/cannon ball tree in Someshwara temple of Ulsoor, Bangalore. I have never seen such a profusion of flowers in any other cannon ball tree! Below are also photos of the flowers fallen under the tree. The area around the tree had a heavenly fragrance and I simply could not get enough of it!

 Below is a Ganapathi in the Someshwara temple(outside the temple' building but/inside the temple compound) with many lingada hoovu around it. The  delicate fragrance of these flowers around this statue was  heavenly!

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