Saturday, June 18, 2016

Sree Poornathrayeesa Temple at Tripunithura in Kochi, Kerala, India

I visited this beautiful and majestic temple in  2016. It's huge and temple elephants come to the Pooja daily! This temple belonged to the royal family and was made public after ?independence of India. (members of the royal family live in homes around this temple...I heard)

above is the entrance to the temple

Literally thousands of oil lamps are lit on the walls of this temple and the golden glow of thousands of flickering flames in the night is a wonderful sight! The lamps are in rows on the dark wooden panels you see above

Elephants stand here (above)

Tulabhara: or weighing scales seem to be common to many temples in Kerala. Offerings of various  food (such as rice, jaggery, coconut)and other items are offered to the deities.

For some reason, human or animal figures in sexual activity are present in several ancient  temples in India!

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